Flowers Are a Classic Gift for Any Occasion

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Giving flowers to someone can help you to communicate a variety of sentiments such as professing love, giving thanks, expressing condolences, saying sorry, etc.. Flowers are beautiful, natural and fragrant, and able to stir an emotional response in any recipient.

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5 Classic Flower Arrangement Styles

We all know that flowers are known for their charming beauty and fragrance which can capture the attention of any person. Flowers can be gracefully arranged in a variety of arrangements in order to make the maximum visual impact. People who are unaware of the different types of flower arrangements that can be used for different occasions and events, it is time to take a look below.

  1. Ikebana Flower Arrangement

Ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging is associated with a meditative quality. To prepare a basic Ikebana Flower Arrangement, the ikabanaist adds water to a shallow container, and later places a kenzan (a small, pin-covered thing that keeps flowers in place) within it. After that, the maker chooses two branches: One for shin whiles other for soe, and a flower for hikae. Then each stem is measured and cut to precise lengths and fixed on the kenzan, at different angles. To complete the arrangement, additional jushi stems are added to fill out the arrangement and hide the kenzan.

  1. Rose Flower Basket Arrangement

A beautiful wooden basket adorned with a different color of roses in the numbers like 51, is the ultimate way to make someone feel happy and special. The best and freshest of flowers come together to provide you a blooming surprise as well as to bring a smile on the face of your beloved one. You can also couple the flowers with cookies, chocolate, soft toys, greeting card and even fresh fruits of your choice to make it the perfect gift. You can gift such floral baskets on special events or occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, etc. 

  1. Bouquets Arrangement

Such arrangements are always easier to design. In addition to this, these flower bouquets are made of roses, followed by carnations, chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies. Such flower bouquets are chosen for any occasion or purpose like sending condolences and expressing love.

  1. Table Centerpieces

They are put on the tables that boost the beauty statement of a premise like a home or an office. A large number of people prefer to use these centerpieces during occasions like Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, office parties, Weddings and so on.

  1. Modern Arrangement

There are no rules about the making in modern flower arrangements. The look of Modern floral arrangement depends on the taste of the florist.

There are several occasions to use the flowers. Some of the major ones are birthday celebrations, ceremonies, anniversaries, weddings, engagement and many more occasions where he presence and need of the flowers become very important.  A flower arrangement is the creative arrangement of flowers and apart from special occasions (mentioned above), you can also bring these floral arrangements to your living room, study table and office table on any regular day. Flowers are the most vital things in our everyday life when it becomes the means for people to express their feelings and love through flowers. Every day, many individuals used to buy the arrangements of flowers for their homes, holy places, hotels, offices for interior decoration.

Know About Ikebana and Examples of Ikebana

Ikebana is the art of arranging flowers according to a long Japanese tradition stimulated at the beginning of the last century by all contemporary artistic trends. An expression of Japanese love for nature. The floral arrangement highlights qualities that are characteristic of oriental art: a game of lines, a taste for asymmetry, a concentration of the mind.

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